Sabina Rossignoli

Everything I write in this blog results from my personal views.

When I was twenty, my curiosity for people, cultures, and languages took me to North Africa. It was my first travel outside my home country and on my own. I attended Arabic language courses in Tunis, volunteered as a teacher of Italian and French in Rabat, and travelled across Tunisia and Morocco to discover their cultural and natural heritage.

Afterwards, I moved to Paris, where I enrolled in an anthropology program at the EHESS. I had decided not to learn languages in the classroom any longer. I would learn them on the streets and inside homes, living with the people, honoring and collecting their stories. One year later, I travelled to Tunisia again, this time with a small camera to film a spectacular Jewish pilgrimage to Djerba’s ancient synagogue. Afterwards, I did fieldwork among the Tunisian Jewish community in Belleville, a neighborhood in central Paris. The research was awarded as best dissertation on a Jewish topic by the Foundation Casip Cojasor.

After joining a preparatory year to a PhD at the LSE in London, I wrote my doctoral thesis on French Caribbean nightlife in Paris as a member of a research project funded by the European Research Council. Fourteen months of participant observation in the nightlife of the Parisian banlieues, hundreds of pages of interview scripts and notes. I explored musical patterns and dance moves and encountered Caribbean poetry. My dissertation is now evolving  into a book. It’s a work I dedicate to two unique women who crossed my path during this research, and enriched it with their insider perspectives.

Since then, I have been working as a digital content creator for companies based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and am currently running a content team for an international media agency. As a writer, literary fiction is my genre of choice. As a ghostwriter, I am specialized in the genre of memoir. To turn biographies into memoirs, I surrender authorship. But under my name, I contribute to journals and magazines with essays and fiction in English, French, German, and Italian.

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